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A Study on Prediction of Body Weights Using Biometrical Measurements in Nellore Brown Sheep under Field Conditions

S.Vani K. Sakunthala Devi D. Maheswara Reddy
Vol 7(6), 225-232

This study was carried out for prediction of body weights in Nellore brown sheep by using statistical methods. The sheep were divided into four age groups based on the number of permanent teeth emerged out. Data on body weights and body measurements were collected from 897 Nellore brown sheep from five divisions of Kadapa district in Andhra Pradesh. Body weights and body measurements were significantly affected by the divisions. The male lambs were significantly heavier than females at all stages of growth. Body weight was found to be phenotypically highly positively correlated with height at withers (WH), chest girth (CG), paunch girth (PG), hip width (HW) and body length (BL). Simple regression and multiple regression analysis to predict body weight was carried out at all age groups. It is concluded that body weight could be predicted by statistical methods using several body measurements in Nellore brown sheep.

Keywords : Body Weight Biometric Measurements Correlation Regression Nellore Brown

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