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Assessment of Hematological Profile in Amrith Mahal Breed of Cattle

K. Manjappa V. Tejaswi B. Venkataramireddy B. Balachandar L. Lahari Gowtham Prasad
Vol 8(8), 320-324

The current study was undertaken with the objective of determining the reference values for hematological parameters for Amrith Mahal breed of cattle in general and in the subpopulations such as male, female and different age group of animals. A total of Twenty four healthy Amrith Mahal cattle were selected and divided into four groups based on sex and age as Group I (Young male of one to three years), Group II (Adult male of three to six years), Group III (Young female one to three years ) and Group IV (Adult female cattle of three to six years). Blood samples were collected from these animals andhematological parameters were determinedby using hematology autoanalyzer and some by manual method. Mean and standard error values of the hematological parameters viz., TEC , TLC , Hb , PCV, TLC, DLC, MCV, MCHC for all the four groups were tabulated. The data presented in this study can be used as a baseline to study the haematological alterations due to nutritional deficiencies, physiological status, metabolic disorders and pathological conditions.

Keywords : Cattle Amrith Mahal Breed Haematological Parameters Hematology Autoanalyzer Analyser

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