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Changes in Bench Mark Parameters in Ruminal Fluid and Blood of Goats Affected with Acute Ruminal Acidosis

Panchasheel V. R. Kasaralikar N. A. Patil D. Kumar R. G. Bhoyar
Vol 9(2), 64-68

The study was conducted at department of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary College, Bidar and APMC hospital (VHDD and IC) Bidar. Two groups were selected for the study group first is the healthy control and group second is the acidotic goats presented to the clinics. Each group consisted of six animals each. Present investigation was undertaken to study the changes in ruminal fluid and blood of goats affected with acidosis e.g. pH of rumen liquor, gram positive bacterial count, TPC and VpCO2, VpO2, VpH, HCO3-, H+, serum glucose and serum AST. The physical changes in the rumen liquor in affected goats observed were, sour smell, milky white colour and watery consistency whereas normal green colour aromatic odour and viscous-to-thick consistency was observed in healthy animals. The rumen liquor pH of healthy control group was 6.67 ± 0.05 compared to affected goats which was significantly decreased to 5.13 ± 0.14.

Keywords : Acute Ruminal Acidosis Aspartate Transaminase Goat Rumen Liquor pH

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