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Constraints in Availing Breeding Services from State Department of Animal Husbandry, Haryana: A Perceptual Study of Buffalo Owners

Rekha Yadav Hema Tripathi Parveen Kumar Naresh Kumar Nukala Ramesh
Vol 8(10), 140-148

Scientific breeding is one of the important factors that govern the production potential of livestock. Many stakeholders are indulged in providing scientific breeding services but contribution of state department of animal husbandry as public sector (SDAH) is at the top. In Haryana, SDAH is providing service through vast network of 942 government veterinary hospitals (GVH) and 1813 government veterinary dispensary (GVD). But sometimes they face many constraints while taking breeding service from SDAH. The keeping in view present study was conducted following ex-post facto and exploratory research design with objective to explore these constraints by interviewing 240 buffalo owners personally, selected with the help of twelve (12) GVH from two districts namely; Hisar and Jind in Haryana. Data on constraints were collected on three point continuum scale as major constraints, minor constraints and not a constraints with respective score 3, 2 and 1. Study revealed service delivery related constraints, knowledge and attitude and input and infrastructure were the major group of factors by using principal component method of factor analysis and on mean score basis it was found that service delivery related constraints secured rank first with highest mean score 1.24 followed by input and infrastructure ranked II (1.09), knowledge and attitude related constraints secured rank third with 1.05 as mean score. Thus, a multifaceted approach keeping in view of constraints could be used in Haryana to improve the breeding services.

Keywords : Breeding Services Constraints State Department of Animal Husbandry (SDAH)

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