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Disposition Kinetics of Sparfloxacin in Goats

Ramesh Kumar Nirala C. Jayachandran Kumari Anjana M. K. Singh
Vol 9(5), 168-173

The present study was conducted to investigate the distribution, kinetic parameters and dosage regimen of Sparfloxacin in goats after the approval of IAEC as per guideline of CPCSEA. Concentrations of sparfloxacin were estimated by highly sensitive analytical equipment’s. High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) in six healthy goats @ 5 intravenous administration in biological fluids i.e plasma and urine at different time interval. From log plasma concentrations versus time, kinetics parameters were calculated. Based on kinetic parameters, loading (D*) and maintenance (D0) doses were calculated for maintaining CP∞ min (MIC) of 0.5 µg/ml at the dosage interval (γ) of 12 h. The mean peak plasma concentration of 59.76  1.91 µ and mean peak urine concentration of 63.16  2.13 µ were found at 0.042 h and 0.333 h, respectively. The study obtained distribution (t1/2 α) and elimination (t1/2 β) half-life, volume distribution, and total body clearance (ClB) of 0.43  0.01 h, 8.56  0.25 h, 2.89  0.043 and 0.233  D* and Do of 3.82  0.06 and 2.38  0.07 were calculated to maintain CP∞ min of 0.5 µg/ml at γ of 12 h.

Keywords : Disposition Goats Plasma Sparfloxacin Urine

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