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Effect of Month and Season on Hatchability Performance of Turkey

C. Pandian A. Sundaresan S. Ezhil Valavan G. Hudson A.V.Omprakash
Vol 7(6), 139-143

A period of five years (2012-2016) data were utilized to analyze the effect of month and season on hatchability performance of Turkey maintained at Poultry Research Station, TANUVAS, Chennai-51. The per cent fertility, hatchability on total and fertile eggs set and embryonic mortality were worked out from a total of 134 hatches and 26093 of eggs set. The mean per cent fertility and total hatchability were differed significantly (P<0.01) between month and season. Month and season showed no significant effect on dead germ and dead in shell percentage. The per cent fertility and total hatchability was better during monsoon and winter season than summer season. The overall mean fertility, total hatchability, fertile hatchability, dead germ and dead in shell percentage of turkey were 71.61, 46.09, 63.75, 18.25 and 17.79 respectively. The above study concluded that both individual month and season influenced the hatchability performance of turkey eggs.

Keywords : Hatchability Performance Month and Seasonal Influence Turkey

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