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Effect of Non-Genetic Factors on the Growth Traits of Vrindavani Cattle

N. Govardhana Sagar Amit Baranwal Babu Lal Saini Satish Kumar Athe Rajendra Prasad
Vol 7(7), 234-240

The present study was conducted to know the effects of the non-genetic factors like period of birth, season of birth and sex of the claves on the various growth traits and for estimation of heritability’s of growth traits in the Vrindavani calves from August, 2006 to March, 2016. The data collected were consists of Birth weight (BW) and weight at 3 (WT3), 6 (WT6), 12 (WT12), 18 (WT18), 24(WT24) months of age. The data were analyzed by using Restricted Maximum Likelihood Method (REML) to estimate the variance and genetic parameters. Period of birth and season of birth have significant (p<0.01) effect on bodyweight at all ages except WT18. Calves born in season 2 (March-June) have the higher growths at all ages. Sex of calve have significant (p<0.01) effect on birth weight and W12. The overall mean values for Birth weight, WT3, WT6, WT12, WT18 and WT24 were 22.390±0.110, 53.274±0.270, 89.263±0.510, 151.033±0.960, 229.678±1.220 and 291.577±1.600 respectively. The heritability estimates were 0.139±0.002, 0.204±0.004, 0.110±0.004, 0.261±0.011, 0.167±0.009 and 0.531±0.031 for birth weight, WT3, WT6, WT12, WT18 and WT24 respectively.

Keywords : Vrindavani Cattle Growth Traits Non-Genetic Factors Heritabilities

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