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Non Genetic Factors Affecting Lactation Length in Surti Buffaloes

V. D. Pawar N. S. Dangar G. M. Pandya B. P. Brahmkshtri V. B. Kharadi
Vol 9(1), 318-323

The records of 457 Surti buffaloes with 1346 lactations sired by 35 sires maintained at Livestock Research Station, Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari born during 1987 to 2012 were collected and analysed to examine the effect of non-genetic factors viz. season of birth, period of birth and parity on lactation length. The least squares mean of lactation length in Surti buffaloes was found to be 310.01 ± 9.23 days. The analysis of variance revealed highly significant effect of period of birth and parity but non-significant effect of season of birth on lactation length. No effect of season of birth on lactation length indicated breed characteristics to acclimatize with environment. Lactation length showed a significant rise from Period-1 (1987 to 1992) to Period-4 (2004-2012) indicates improvement of breeding and managemental practices over the periods in the farm. As the parity increases the lactation length shows declining trend but after 6th parity it was again show increasing trend which indicates that the animals having high production potential have constant period of production and we have to give preference to such animals’ in future breeding programme.

Keywords : Lactation Length and Non-Genetic Factors Surti Buffalo

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