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Genetic Studies of Productive and Reproductive Attributes of Surti Buffalo in Maharashtra

A. S. Rathod M. S. Vaidya S. Sajid Ali
Vol 8(8), 309-314

Data pertaining to 287 lactations of 125 Surti buffaloes sired by 11 bulls from Buffalo Breeding Farm, Hingoli were considered for the present study. The average age at first calving, lactation milk yield, 305 days lactation milk yield, lactation length, dry period and calving interval were found to be 1373.52±21.76 days, 898.80±25.06 kg, 1180.9±20.01 kg, 254.30±4.75 days, 212.36±11.50 days and 456.09±10.34 days, respectively. The effect of period of birth was significant on AFC, effect of period of calving was significant on LMY, 305 DLMY, LL and CI and effect of season of calving was significant on LMY and 305 DLMY. Parity effect was significant on LMY, 305 DLMY, LL and CI. The heritability estimates for AFC, 305 DLMY, LL, DP and CI were found to be 0.226±0.154, 0.957±0.020, 0.446±0.154, 0.332±0.158 and 0.55±0.131 respectively. Significantly high and positive genetic and phenotypic correlation was observed between 305 DLMY and LL. Similarly highly significant but negative genetic association was observed between AFC and other production traits. At phenotypic level, LL was found highly significant and positively correlated with CI and high and negatively associated with AFC.

Keywords : Productive Traits Reproductive Traits Surti Buffalo

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