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Histomorphological Study on Retina of the Adult Surti Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

Malsawm Kima R. K. Barhaiya Y. L. Vyas D. M. Bhayani
Vol 8(6), 218-224

The present study was conducted on 10 pairs of eye balls to study the histomorphological structures of retina. The retina was composed of ten layers such as (i) pigmented epithelium (ii) layer of rods and cones (iii) external limiting membrane (iv) outer nuclear layer (v) outer plexiform layer (vi) inner nuclear layer (vii) inner plexiform layer (viii) ganglion cell layer (ix) nerve fibers layer (x) internal limiting membrane. The mean thickness of the retina in the center of the tunics was 177.56±10.72µm and that of retina in the peripheral section of the tunics was 120.24±15.40µm.

Keywords : Eye Ball Histomorphology Micrometry Retina Surti Buffalo

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