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Ultrasonography on the Eye Ball of Adult Surti Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

Malsawmkima Barhaiya R. K. Vyas Y. L. Bhayani D. M.
Vol 8(2), 241-246

The present study was carried out to study the sonoanatomy and echobiometry of 10 pairs of eye balls (10 rights and 10 left) of buffaloes with the help of an ultrasound machine. The ultrasonography showed that the eye balls were appeared as ovoid structures with anechoic contents such as aqueous humour, vitreous body and lens. The cornea, anterior and posterior lens capsule, iris, ciliary body and corpora nigra appeared as echogenic structures. The overall mean values of the anterior chamber depth, the antero-posterior depth of the lens, the vitreous chamber depth and the antero-posterior depth of the globe were 0.325±0.005 cm, 1.045±0.005 cm, 1.635±0.005 cm and 3.135±0.005 cm respectively.

Keywords : Eye Ball Echobiometry Lens Sonoanatomy Surti Buffalo

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