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Effectiveness of Delvotest Bacillus stearothermophilus var calidolactis in the Detection of Antibiotics Residues in Bovine Milk in Biskra Governorate, Algeria

Mammeri Adel Kayoueche Fatima Zohra Benmakhlouf Abdelmalek
Vol 8(4), 45-49

This study aimed to examine the efficacy of Delvotest to detect antibiotics in Biskra governorate.34 samples of raw bovine milk were collected from the 4 quarters, while 3 samples were taken from a milk collection unit. The results revealed that 2/37 (5.40%) of the samples were clearly negative. Also, 35/37 (94.60%) of the samples showed a concentration lower than or equal to the limit of detection, while no sample was clearly positive. The high rate of doubtful samples (94.60%) is indicative of either an insufficiency of the detectability threshold of Delvotest for some (False positives), as well as inhibitors and antibacterial substances naturally produced in milk during clinical and/or subclinical mastitis, rather with infinitesimal quantities (giving false positives).It is essential to use advanced, efficient and more reliable technologies, in conjunction with the Delvotest, in order to ensure better safety of dairy products without sanctioning Algerian animal production, indiscriminately.

Keywords : Antibiotics Delvotest Sensitivity Consumer Safety Mastitis Milk Inhibitors

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