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Efficient Water Management in a Dairy Farm-A Case Study of Middle Gujarat

Shakti Ranjan Panigrahy Arpita Mohapatra Dilip Vahoniya
Vol 8(4), 303-310

Water is a vital ingredient that is required for drinking, bathing, cleaning, washing and irrigation purpose in a dairy farm. About 6-7 liters of water is wasted in daily basis in a farm. This study has been carried out to find best utilization of water in ten different dairy farms of entrepreneurs of each district of Anand and Dahod of middle Gujarat but only four has been screened out for generating new and innovative way of water management practices. Overall data have been gathered through observational methods and were depicted through photographs. From all the photographs, it has been observed that ad libtum water may be provided to a dairy animal through water trough for drinking and sprinkler for bathing. Waste water collected from cleaning of shed may be best utilized through biogas production and organic manure formation. Water can efficiently be utilized if managed at entry and exit level.

Keywords : Biogas Organic Manure Sprinkler Irrigation Water Trough

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