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Seroprevalence of PPR among Sheep and Goats of Different Agroclimatic Zones of Odisha

A. Hota S. Biswal N. Sahoo M. Rout D. Chaudhary A. B. Pandey D. Muthuchelvan
Vol 8(4), 296-302

The objective of this study was to demonstrate the seroprevalence of peste des petits ruminants (PPR) among small ruminant population of Odisha. The disease is endemic in the state and in India causing huge economic loss to the farming community. A total of 506 serum samples (from 217 sheep and 289 goats) from unvaccinated flocks were collected between October-2015 and April-2016 across 10 agroclimatic zones of Odisha through random sampling and subjected to competitive ELISA to detect antibodies against PPR virus (PPRV). The result indicates an overall seroprevalence rate of 48.42%, with 44.7% contributed by sheep (45.74% male and 43.90% female) and 51.21% by goats (48.15% males and 53.89% females). The agroclimatic zone wise prevalence rate among sheep varied between 100% and 0%, while among goats varied between 69.44% and 29.63%. The study indicates a high prevalence rate of PPR in the state of Odisha and warrants regular vaccination of small ruminants to develop better immunity to prevent the infection.

Keywords : Seroprevalence PPR c-ELISA Sheep Goat Odisha

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