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Enrofloxacin Residue Detection in Marketed Pork of North East India

Dulal Chandra Roy Rajkishor Gogoi S.K. Laskar
Vol 7(5), 256-260

The study was conducted to detect residues of Enrofloxacin in marketed pork of north eastern region of India which includes the states of Assam, Meghalaya and Mizoram. A total of 586 no. of samples comprising of kidney, liver and muscle were collected for the present study. The samples were collected in sterile containers from the market and after collection were preserved under freezing temperature of -20 °C. The samples were screened using an Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) System equipped with Autosampler and Diode Array Detection system. The flow rate of the system was maintained at 1.0 ml.min-1 in an isocratic mode. Out of the 586 screened samples, 36 pork samples were found to be positive for Enrofloxacin residues. Enrofloxacin traces were detected in 13 kidney, 10 liver and 13 muscle samples respectively. All the positive samples were below the Maximum Residue Limit (MRL). It may be concluded that there is no public health concern for presence of enrofloxacin residues in pork.

Keywords : Enrofloxacin Food Safety North- East States Pork Residues UHPLC

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