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Estimation of Genetic Parameters of Growth Traits of Khari Goat Kids (Capra hircus L.) in Nawalparasi, Nepal

N. Bhattarai M. R. Kolachhapati N. R. Devkota U. C. Thakur S. P. Neopane
Vol 7(1), 80-89

Genetic parameters of growth traits of kids are important in improving their genetic make-up with respect to production and productivity. A study was carried out mainly aiming at estimating genetic parameters of growth traits of Khari goat kids in Nawalparasi, Nepal from February, 2012 to January 2015. Altogether 1260 kids of Khari goat born from 1004 adult does mated with 53 breeding bucks were considered for estimating the heritability (h2) of body weight (at birth, pre-weaning, weaning, six months, nine months, twelve months and fifteen months age), genetic and phenotypic correlation among body weight of kids at different stage of growth of kids. Least Square Mixed Model and Maximum Likelihood Computer Program: PC-2 developed by Walter R. Harvey. Findings revealed that the h2 estimates of body weights were within the range of 0.37±0.12 (at birth) and 0.46±0.14 (at six months), respectively. Similarly, genetic correlation (rg) among the body weight of kids at different stage of growth was ranged from 0.61 (between birth and pre-weaning) to 0.96 (between nine and twelve month). Whereas, phenotypic correlation (rp) among the body weight of kids at different stage of growth was determined within the range of 0.56 (between pre-weaning and fifteen months) and 0.94 (between twelve and fifteen month). Moderate to high h2 estimates of weight traits in this study indicated a relatively greater contribution of additive genetic variance and high potentiality for improving productivity of kids through intense selection. Whereas, significantly strong positive genetic and phenotypic association (p<0.001) between the weight of kids at earlier and later age indicated that these traits could be the most important and effective selection criteria for achieving higher body weight at later age of kids.

Keywords : Weight Traits Heritability Genetic and Phenotypic Correlation Khari Goats

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