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Genetic Evaluation of Sires Used in Frieswal Herd at Different Military Dairy Farms in India

Sumana Kundu Sharadindu Shil A. C. Patel R. S. Joshi P. Bali D. N. Rank
Vol 8(4), 180-194

A total of 1129 lactation records, of 384 Frieswal daughters from 1999 to 2013, collected from 3 Military Dairy Farms of Southern Command were analysed to determine the effects of Herd (HR), Genetic Group (GG), Season of calving (SS), Period of birth (PR) and Parity (PA) on calving interval in days (CI), lactation length in days (LL) and Standard lactation period yield in Kgs (SLPY). The age at first calving in days (AFC) was considered as covariable. The overall least squares means for CI, LL and SLPY were 434.52±14.97 days, 320.74±10.23 and 3090.16±203.16 kg respectively. HR, GG and PR had significant influence on AFC. SS had significant influence on CI. HR, PR and PA had significant influence on LL and SLPY. Heritability estimate for CI and LL were low (0.007±0.005 and 0.117±0.06) but high for SLPY (0.328±0.09).The genotypic and phenotypic correlations between CI, LL and SLPY were observed high and positive.

Keywords : Frieswal Cattle Genotypic and Phenotypic Correlation Heritability Least-Squares MDF

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