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Factors Influencing Milk Producers’ Preference for Dairy Husbandry Services- A case of Salem District of Tamil Nadu

Sangameswaran Rajendran Sunitha Prasad
Vol 8(1), 225-234

The plethora’s of studies regarding preference of dairy husbandry services were conducted in which determinants affecting milk producers’ preference were not studied. This study aimed to identify the common attributes that influence milk producers’ preference for availing Dairy Husbandry Services in Salem district of Tamilnadu, India. The study was conducted among the milk producers of Dairy cooperative society and private in the selected five blocks of Salem district of Tamil Nadu. Purposive and multistage random sampling procedures were followed for selection of study area and respondents. The data were collected with the help of pre-structured interview schedule through personal interview method from 150 milk producers (75 milk producers from dairy cooperative society and 75 milk producers from private). The findings of the study revealed that ‘livestock capital’ pursued first followed by ‘land capital’ and ‘socio-personal factors’ in influencing milk producers’ choice in preferring dairy husbandry service providers. The study has identified that the livestock and land capital explained positive and breakthrough feature in milk producers’ preference for availing dairy husbandry services. This study concluded that irrespective of the affiliation of milk producers to the milk procurement agencies socio-economic factors were conglomerate into major determinants namely land and livestock capital, socio-personal and situational factors. In future, the policy supports and interventions towards dairy development should acknowledge the contribution of all the above mentioned factors for ensuring sustainability in dairying among rural milk producers.

Keywords : Dairy Husbandry Services Milk Producers Preference of Service Providers

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