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Growth Performance and Survival of Common Carp ( Cyprinus Carpio,Linnaeus 1785) Fingerlings Under Different Fertilizers

Yassine Mubark Ali Gameredinn Neelam Saharan Chandra Prakash V. K. Tiwari
Vol 8(1), 235-243

A fertilizer experiment was conducted outdoor plastic tanks to study the effect of different fertilizers on survival and growth of common carp (Cyprinus carpio. L) fingerlings (0.88 ± 0.09 g) divided into 9 treatment groups of 3 replicates for 60 days, Individual weight gain and survival rates were compared among a control system. Three treatments were manured at every 7 days with cow dung, poultry manure, and compost at 0.26 kg/ m3, 0.39 kg/ m3 and 0.52 kg/ m3 dose. The survival rates were observed in all treatments, ranging from 60 %, 44.43 %, and 22.23% in poultry manure, cow dung, and compost respectively. The nutrients contents in manures were higher in poultry manure and lower in cow dung and compost. Weight gain of common carp stocked in poultry manures system was reported the significantly higher growth (2.06±0.33 g) than other treatments. The highest SGR (1.66%) was recorded in poultry manured system. The lowest SGR was observed in cow dung fertilized system (0.22%) while it was 0.50% in compost system. The results suggest that application rate of 0.52 kg/ m3 at every 7 days seems to be the most suitable for common carp manured with poultry litter, through maintenance of better water quality to enhance the greater abundance of plankton biomass in the system.

Keywords : Cow Dung Compost Manure Poultry Manure

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