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Genetic Analysis of Intron 2 of Muscling Gene Myostatin (MSTN) and its Association with Body Weight in Marwari Sheep

Govind S. Dhakad G.C. Gahlot H.K. Narula Vijay K. Agrawal Mohd. Ashraf Manoj Kumar Hemlata Chouhan
Vol 7(5), 195-202

Myostatin (MSTN), a negative regulator of skeletal muscle development in mammals, represents a key target for genetic investigations in meat-producing animals, with mutations responsible for increased skeletal-muscle mass was described in several livestock species. The aim of present study was to investigate myostatin gene polymorphism and its association with body weight records in Marwari sheep using PCR-SSCP methods. Blood samples were collected from randomly selected Marwari sheep ((n=71), and DNA was extracted using spin column method. Polymerase chain reaction was carried out to amplify 311 bp fragment of intron 2 region of myostatin gene. SSCP analysis showed two different conformations (AA and AB) in intron 2 region of MSTN gene in Marwari sheep and the frequencies of “AA” and “AB” genotypes were observed to be 0.86 (n=61) and 0.14 (n=10), respectively. This locus was not found in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium and no significant effect of intron 2 of MSTN gene on body weights was observed.

Keywords : Marwari Sheep Myostatin Intron 2 SSCP

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