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Genetic Polymorphism of CYP19 and ER1 Genes and their Association with Cystic Ovarian Disease in HF Crossbred Cattle

H. Harini R. Nagaraja S. Naveen Kumar C. S. Nagaraja G. Sudha
Vol 9(12), 212-230

The present study was carried out with the objective to determine the polymorphism of CYP19 (promoter) and ER1 genes and their possible association with cystic ovarian disease in HF crossbred cows. Promoter region of CYP19 and 5' Region of ER1 gene was amplified by PCR using published primers. The polymorphism in CYP19 and ER1 gene was detected using PCR-RFLP using PvuII and BglI restriction enzymes, respectively. PCR-RFLP detected three genotypes, AA (84%), AB (14%), and BB (2%) in HF crossbred cows for CYP9 gene and two genotypes GG and AG for ER1gene. The gene frequency of A and B alleles were 0.91 and 0.09, respectively for CYP19 gene and 0.12 and 0.88, respectively for A and G alleles for ER1 gene. The studied population was in Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium. The study revealed no association between CYP19/PvuII genotype and cystic ovarian disease in HF crossbred populations but ‘AG’ genotype of ER1 gene is associated with higher incidence of COD.

Keywords : CYP19 Cystic Ovarian Disease ER1 HF Crossbred Cattle PCR-RFLP Polymorphism

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