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Pregnancy Rate in Artificial Insemination Bred HF Crossbred Cattle Under Field Conditions of Eastern Uttar Pradesh State

R. L. Bhagat Brajesh Kumar Bansh Narayan Raviraj Jadhav N. L. Phadke A. B. Pande
Vol 9(11), 145-152

The field progeny testing of Holstein Friesian crossbred bulls operated under National Dairy Plan (NDP) phase-I in Uttar Pradesh during February 2014 to March 2019 and total 1,43,065 AI’s were performed on 80,244 animals out of that 1,25,612 AI’s were followed till December 2018 for pregnancy confirmation. The data was classified according to districts, animal breed, animal age at AI, year of AI, season of AI, sequence of AI, lactation order of animal and sire used for AI. Logistic regression used to compute odds ratio and probability of pregnancy rate. Mean pregnancy rate was 47.47±0.14 per cent and significantly higher in heifers (49.22±0.24%), in animals from Gorakhpur district (51.80±0.32%), animals age having below 30 months (51.51±0.31%), animals inseminated in the year 2014 (51.36±0.40%), in summer season (52.09±0.26%), conceived in first attempt (50.11±0.18%) and animals inseminated with HF75 per cent bulls semen (48.22±0.16%) compared with respective groups of parameters under study.

Keywords : Artificial Insemination HF Crossbred Animals Logistic Regression Pregnancy Rate Uttar Pradesh State

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