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Reproductive Performance of Gangatiri Cattle under Field Conditions

V. V. Potdar J. R. Khadse S. A. Joshi Y. S. Gaundare N. L. Phadke Marimuthu Swaminathan A. B. Pande
Vol 9(9), 161-167

Gangatiri is a dual-purpose cattle breed, found in eastern Uttar Pradesh and western Bihar along the river Ganga. It is medium milk producer and possess good draft ability. These cattle are well adapted to low to medium input production system and produce about 2.5 to 8.0 Kg milk a day. The objective of the study was to identify the factors affecting variation in conception rate of Gangatiri cattle inseminated under field conditions. Total of 2362 artificial inseminations of Gangatiri cattle were studied in Ara, Azamgarh, Buxar district during period 2009 to 2013. In district wise study, conception rates in Ara, Azamgarh and Buxar districts were 54.98±3.72%, 67.78±2.31% and 61.42±4.94%, respectively. In economic status wise study, it was found that conception rate was 60.56±3.00% in above poverty line (APL) and 62.22±2.95% in below poverty line (BPL). In parity wise study, in heifer, conception rate was 60.64±3.19% while in first parity it was slightly higher (61.99±3.20), while it was 62.73±3.39% and 60.21±3.82 in second and third parity, respectively. In year wise study, conception rate was 62.27±4.52 in year 2009 and 59.11±2.81% in 2010. It was 58.90±3.43%, 56.58±3.42% and 70.11±3.89% in 2011, 2012 and 2013, respectively. In seasonal study conception rate was higher in rainy season (63.25±3.18%) followed by summer (60.98±3.04%) and lowest in winter (59.95±3.19%). In AI sequence wise study, conception rate was highest in first insemination (63.93±2.12%) followed by in second (63.33±3.19%) and lowest in third insemination (56.92±5.98%). Out of all parameters, only district and insemination year were having significant effect.

Keywords : Artificial Insemination AI APL BPL Conception Rate Gangatiri

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