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Analysis of Sperm Morphometric Traits and Estimation of Genetic Distance in Cattle

Sandeep Kumar Barik Gangadhar Nayak Chinmoy Mishra
Vol 9(11), 153-161

A total of 180 semen samples from 6 different breeds i.e. Holstein Friesian (HF), Crossbred Jersey (CBJ), Jersey, Gir, Sahiwal and Red Sindhi were examined for head length, head width, head base, middle piece, tail length, acrosome cap length and acrosome cap width. The highest value for total length in Sahiwal (71.61±0.49 µm), head length in Red Sindhi (11.00±0.08 µm), head width in Sahiwal (6.20±0.08 µm), head base in Jersey (3.15±0.07 µm), middle piece in Red Sindhi (15.33±0.14 µm) and tail length in Jersey (46.18±0.35 µm) was observed. The fertility of the spermatozoa was found to be significantly negatively correlated with acrosome cap length (P<0.05) and acrosome width (P<0.01). Crossbred Jersey, Holstein Friesian, Sahiwal, Jersey and Red Sindhi were found in one cluster and Gir was in a separate cluster. A crossbred male of Gir and either of other breed viz. Holstein Friesian, Sahiwal, Jersey and Red Sindhi may produce heterosis.

Keywords : Acrosome Breed Cattle Crossbred Semen Sperm

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