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Histopathological Variants of Spontaneous Basal Cell Carcinomas in Dogs

Srinivasa Naik Hamasavath Srilatha Ch. Murthy R.V.R. Nasreen A. Jayasree N. Vara Prasad W.L.N.V
Vol 7(3), 89-92

Incidence of basal cell tumours are common in dogs and cats than any other domestic animal species and constitutes 5-10% of all the tumors seen in dogs with higher incidence in male dogs of 1-7 yrs age. In the present study, 14 surgically excised masses from different parts of the dogs were received to the Department of Veterinary Pathology, C.V.Sc, Tirupati for histopathological examination. Of them, four masses revealed characteristic features of different variants of basal cell carcinomas. Grossly, grayish white solitary ulcerated nodules were noticed. On histopathological examination, different variants of basal cell carcinomas were identified as solid, cystic and adenoid patterns.

Keywords : Histopathology Basal Cell Carcinoma Dogs Adenoid Form Cystic Form Solid Form

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