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Investigation of Genetic Association of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in SP110 Gene with Occurrence of Paratuberculosis Disease in Cattle

Satish Kumar Subodh Kumar Ran Vir Singh Anuj Chauhan Swati Agrawal Amit Kumar Shoor Vir Singh
Vol 7(3), 81-88

The present study was conducted to find the association between SNPs in SP110 gene and occurrence of paratuberculosis in cattle. A total of 213 cattle were subjected to Johnin PPD, ELISA test (indigenous as well as Parachek kit method), faecal microscopy and faecal culture for detection of presence of bovine paratuberculosis infection. Based on the results of diagnostic tests, 51 animals each were assigned to case and control population. Two SNPs viz. rs110480812 and rs136859213 in SP110 gene were validated using PCR-RFLP with restriction enzymes CviKI-1 and HpyCH4III respectively. For SNP rs110480812, two genotypes i.e. CT and TT were observed with genotype frequencies in case as 15.69 and 84.31 while in control population as 5.88 and 94.12 respectively. The association study was carried out by PROC LOGISTIC procedure of SAS9.3. These genotypes were not significantly different (p>0.05) between case and control cattle. The ODDs of CT genotype verses TT genotype was 2.98 (0.74-11.94; 95 % CI). Neither alleles nor genotypes showed significant association with occurrence of paratuberculosis in the analyzed cattle population. Nevertheless, other SNPs in this gene must be analyzed in order to rule out the implication of SP110 gene in susceptibility to bovine paratuberculosis.

Keywords : SP110 gene Paratuberculosis Cattle SNP PCR-RFLP

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