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Incidence of Fowl Cholera in Desi Fowl Farms of Tirupur District

V. S. Vadivoo M. Arthanari Eswaran T. Hariharan
Vol 8(8), 105-109

Desi birds are often susceptible to fowl cholera, a serious, highly contagious disease caused by the bacterium, Pasteurella multocida. This study involves the diagnosis of fowl cholera by gross necropsy examination, isolation and identification of organism by culture and biochemical method. During the span of 8 months (from January 2017 to August 2017) six different flocks of adult desi chicken (with an average flock size of 70 birds per flock) were subjected to necropsy examination and a total of 30 carcasses were examined for diagnosis of the disease. Fowl cholera was confirmed in all six flocks by gross and microscopic examination and bacterial isolation by culture method and biochemical method. The women self help groups were advised to follow strict biosecurity and ethno veterinary practices for prevention and control of diseases.

Keywords : Confirmation Fowl Cholera Microscopic Examination Necropsy Treatment

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