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Relationship of Age, Body Condition Score and Rump Fat Thickness with Semen Quality in Murrah Buffalo Breeding Bulls

Satendra Kumar Yadav P. Singh M. Bhakat T. K. Mohanty A. Kumar A. Singh S. Mondal V. K. Upadhyay S. Tomar
Vol 8(8), 110-120

The present study was undertaken to understand the role of age, body condition score and rump fat thickness on quality semen production of Murrah bulls. One hundred thirty Murrah buffalo breeding bulls which were in regular semen collection were selected from five different semen stations of Haryana and Punjab. Age of bull was recorded by calculating the days between date of birth to day of experiment. Body condition score was recorded by visual observation and palpation of seven skeletal check points on 1-5 scale. Rump fat thickness was measured in 38 bulls by ultrasonography. Semen quality attributes viz. ejaculate volume (EV, ml), mass motility (MM, 0-5), sperm concentration (SPC, million/ml), sperm motility (SM, %), sperm viability (%) and sperm abnormality (SA, %) of each ejaculate were recorded. The bulls were divided into three groups on the basis of Age; and two on the basis of Body Condition Score (BCS) and Rump Fat Thickness (RFT). Results revealed that EV, MM (P<0.01) and SM (P< 0.05) increased up to 88 months of age after that there was no significant changes were observed. No significant changes were also observed in semen quality parameters between the two BCS groups. Wherever, between the RFT groups, bulls with thinner RFT produced ejaculates with lower (P<0.05) percent sperm abnormalities as compared to bulls with thicker RFT. It can be concluded that the Murrah buffalo bulls up to 7 years of age and thinner rump fat thickness produced better quality semen, therefore these parameters can also be an important criterion while selection of buffalo breeding bulls for quality semen production.

Keywords : Age Body Condition Score Rump Fat Thickness Murrah Semen Quality

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