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Incidence of Postparturient Indigestion (PPI) Associated With Hepatic Disorders and Production Diseases in Buffaloes

K Padmaja D. S. T. Rao
Vol 2(1), 201-207

Of 320 buffaloes within 60 days after calving, with the history of reduced feed intake and decreased milk yield presented, 90 (28.13%) buffaloes were found suffering with PPI. On detailed clinical examination and urinalysis, it was observed that 43 (47.78%) buffaloes had hepatic insufficiency, 27 (30 %) buffaloes had production diseases and 20 (22.22 %) buffaloes had PPI alone. Out of 43 buffaloes of hepatic insufficiency, 23 (25.56 %) had hepatic insufficiency alone, 20 (22.22 %) had hepatic insufficiency and production diseases, 10 (11.11 %) had hepatic insufficiency with sub clinical hypocalcaemia and 10 (11.11 %) had hepatic insufficiency with sub clinical ketosis. Out of 27 buffaloes with incidence of PPI in relation to production diseases, 14 (15.56 %) had sub-clinical hypocalcaemia and 13 (14.44 %) had sub-clinical ketosis. Thus, indicating that PPI in buffaloes is primarily associated with hepatic disorders followed by sub-clinical production diseases.

Keywords : Postparturient indigestion Buffaloes Incidence Hepatic Disorders Production Diseases

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