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Morphology of Eesophagus of Jamunapari Goats in Chhattishgarh Region

B. Sinha S. P. Ingole D. Chourasia
Vol 2(1), 197-200

The morphology of esophagus of Jamunapari goat was studied in 6 Jamunapari goats of over six months of age of both sex.The organswere collected from slaughter house Supela, Bhilai.The topography, shape, size, esophageal length including cervical and thoracic parts were measured. The esophagus was sampled at six sites – cranial cervical, middle cervical, caudal cervical, at the level of thoracic inlet, at the middle mediastinum and at the level of cardia. The total length of esophagus was 45-50 cm out of thislong, Thecervical part of esophagus was 13-15 cm. The thoracic part was 32-30 cm long. The highest and the lowest diameter was found to be 5.1 cm and 3.5 cm at the cardia and at the cranial cervical part of the esophagus respectively.

Keywords : Morphology esophagus Jamunapari goat

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