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Legal Setup and Performance of Post-Privatization Artificial Insemination Service Providers in Nyeri County, Kenya

Alex Mirara Timothy Maitho Ursulla Okoth
Vol 7(1), 35-42

This study investigated the differences between the various legal entities of organizations which provide the privatized artificial insemination services in Nyeri County, Kenya. The findings were that 89.5% of the service providers were operating as private entities, 7.0% were in Cooperative societies while 3.5% were operating as farmers’ self-help groups. All the artificial insemination practitioners used motorcycles for transport and stored semen in liquid nitrogen tanks. Government support to the service providers was only in form of training which was received by 21% of the participants. Non-governmental organizations also provided training to 17.5% of the respondents. However, these non-governmental organizations provided financial credit to 3.5% as well as equipment support to 3.5% of the service providers. It was concluded that private artificial insemination service providers have a potential of performing better than Cooperative societies or self-help groups despite the benefits of farmers having a jointly owned service.

Keywords : Artificial Insemination Legal Setup Bottlenecks in AI Services

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