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Occlusion of Small Intestine caused by Trichobezoars (Hair Balls) in Sahiwal Calves-A Case Study

M. Singh M. P. Singh S. Kaur H. K. Verma
Vol 10(1), 75-77

The present investigation highlighted the cause of mortality in Sahiwal calves reared at Regional Research and Training Centre, Kaljharani, Bathinda, Punjab. Calves manifested the signs of gastrointestinal occlusion and ruminal tympany and were kept under regular monitoring, but calves died following each other in quick succession. The detailed necropsy revealed the presence of Trichobezoars or hair balls at the abomasal-pylorus junction in Sahiwal calves that occluded the small intestine.

Keywords : Calves Sahiwal Small Intestine Trichobezoars

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