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Reproductive Performance and Egg Quality Traits of Kadaknath in Intensive Managemental Condition under Hot and Humid Climate

Pankaj Kumar Jena Bhagirathi Panigrahi Niranjan Panda Lal Mohan Mohapatra Bandi Kumar Mallik Jessy Bagh
Vol 8(12), 105-112

The present study was carried out to determine the reproductive performance and egg quality traits of Kadaknath poultry birds in intensive system of rearing in hot and humid coastal climate of Orissa. A total of 104 day old straight run chicks of Kadaknath breed were taken for this study and divided into 4 replicates each comprising of 26 chicks which were randomly selected and reared in deep litter system at Central Poultry Development Organization, Eastern Region, Bhubaneswar. The age at sexual maturity, egg production upto 40 weeks recorded at weekly interval, fertility, hatchability and egg qualities traits were determined at 40 weeks of age. Age at sexual maturity was 183.50±0.70 days, mean egg production at 40th week of age was 46.50±0.16 and fertility, hatchability on TES and FES basis were, 80.00±4.08 %, 62.50±2.50% and 78.37±2.50%, respectively. The mean values of egg weight was 42.90±0.56g, shape index, shell percentage, albumen index, yolk index, yolk to albumen ratio and Haugh unit were, 74.67±0.22, 10.18±0.06 %, 7.20±0.003, 35.56±0.11 0.475±0.0004 and 76.46±0.25, respectively. It may be concluded that the performance like age at sexual maturity and egg production performance of Kadaknath Chicken reared in intensive system in the coastal climatic condition of Odisha is comparable to that of other parts of country. Further study is required to exploit and improve the genetic potentiality of this breed through selective breeding and to conserve this native germplasm.

Keywords : Egg Intensive Kadaknath Reproduction

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