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Semen Production Performance of Sahiwal Bulls and the Factors affecting it in an Organized Farm under Tropical Conditions

Muzamil Abdullah M. Bhakat T. K. Mohanty S. Mondal A. Singh S. Kumari
Vol 8(9), 285-291

The present study was conducted to evaluate the semen production performance of Sahiwal bulls. The data of twenty years (1996-2015) of 57 bulls maintained at ICAR-NDRI, Karnal was evaluated. The age at first semen collection, age at first semen freezing, age at last semen freezing, frozen semen production period, age at last semen collection/disposal and semen production period were 32.43±0.97, 35.37±10, 59.78±2.98, 24.47±2.77, 62.047±3.00 and 29.64±2.9 months, respectively. The age at first semen freezing was significantly (P≤0.05) more in males born in winter than that of in rainy season (37.31±1.4 and 31.06±1.68 months). About 39.06% of semen ejaculates of Sahiwal bulls were freezable and rest 60.94% were poor and non-freezable indicting some kind of problems during semen collection process. Thus it can be concluded that season of birth of Sahiwal males has significant effect on semen quality which attracts ample scope for improving quality and production performance of semen from Sahiwal bulls.

Keywords : Age Bull Semen Collection Semen Freezing Season

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