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Studies on Prevalence and Epidemiological Risk Factors of Bovine Mastitis in and around Bhubaneswar, Odisha

R. K. Tripathy P. K. Rath S. K. Panda B. P. Mishra B. Jena D. K. Karna
Vol 8(9), 151-157

In total, 234 numbers of cows housed in field conditions randomly screened for mastitis. Overall prevalence of subclinical mastitis (SCM) and clinical mastitis was found 32.48 % and 9.4 %. Statistical analysis of various epidemiological risk factors like body weight, age, milk yield, floor type, udder types, teat size, season, parity and stage of lactation showed a significant association in occurrence of mastitis in cows. Chi-square analysis resulted highest incidence of mastitis (36.73 %) in 5th parity. Rainy season showed an increased incidence with 62.24 % followed by 26.53 % in summer and 4.08 % in winter. Highest prevalence was seen in CBJ (70.41%) followed by HF (16.33 %) and lowest in Deshi non- descript breeds (13.27 %). Cows housed in earthen floor resulted maximum affections (48.98 %) followed by brick type (38.78 %) and lowest in concrete floor (12.24 %). Mastitis incidences were highest in cows with cup shaped udder (48.98 %), hind quarter (57.14 %) and right hind teats (40 %). The present study observed a significant increase of mastitis with older cows having more body weights.

Keywords : Mastitis Udder Type Age Breed Season Odisha

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