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Assessment of Growth Pattern in Relation to Certain Morphometric Parameters of Catla catla (Ham. 1822) in Vallabhsagar Reservoir (Gujarat)

N. C. Ujjania Sima H Chaudhari
Vol 11(1), 69-74

The relationship of morphometric parameters with total length of Indian major carp (Catla catla Ham. 1822) was revealed in present study. The total length, standard length weight and other morphometric features were measured in between of different 10 landmark points. The correlations coefficient (r) was 0.713 to 0.988 that shows significant positive correlation between independent variable (total length) and dependent variable (other morphometric parameter). The morphometric length mouth tip to premaxilla (1-10) contributed 6.842 % of total length whereas length of dorsal fin front to anal fin origin (3-7) contributing about 27.326 % of the total length. Current study shows that majority of morphometric parameters with total length shows negative allometric (0.338-2.417), caudal fin top to caudal fin bottom (5-6) with total length (TL) shows positive allometric growth (4.046) whereas weight with total length (WT-TL) shows isometric (3.009) growth for the studied species. The finding of growth constant for catla depicts that in the Vallabhsagar reservoir growth of fish is normal and the aquatic environment of water body is conducive for the fish.

Keywords : Growth Indian Major Carps Morphometric Catla Vallabhsagar Reservoir

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