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Ultrasonographic Investigation on the Occurrence Pattern of Various Renal Diseases in Dogs

P. Ramesh D. Sumathi M. Chandrasekar K. G. Tirumurugaan G. V. Sudhakar Rao K. Jeyaraja
Vol 11(2), 146-149

Renal diseases are one of the most common conditions seen among various age groups of dogs that cause multiple electrolyte and metabolic abnormalities, thereby leading to mortality in affected dogs. A total of 551 out of 3085 dogs (overall occurrence 17.86 per cent) with a mean age of 8.12 ± 0.41 years identified with various renal diseases upon abdominal ultrasonography during the two-year study period. Highest occurrence of renal diseases was recorded amongst the Labrador, Spitz, Pug and Non-Descriptive breeds of dogs. Male dogs were represented more frequently (60.44%) than females. Ultrasonography of kidneys revealed chronic renal changes (435/551, 78.94%), acute kidney injury (46/551, 8.34%), nephrolithiasis (29/551, 5.26%), renal mineralization (25/551, 4.53%), renal cysts (11/551, 1.99%) and renal mass lesions (5/551, 0.90%) as various renal diseases in dogs.

Keywords : Chronic Kidney Disease Interstitial Nephritis Nephrolith Renal Mineralization Ultrasonography

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