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Assessment of Semen Quality of Two Ram Breeds at Pre-freeze Stage of Cryopreservation

Mohammad Asaduzzaman Pankaj Kumar Jha Amit Saha Suravi Akter Md. Golam Shahi Alam Farida Yeasmin Bari
Vol 11(2), 37-44

Pre-freeze semen quality is a prediction for an efficient and successful freezing in cryopreservation. This study was designed to assess the semen quality of two ram breeds at pre-freeze stage of cryopreservation. A total of 30 ejaculates (5 ejaculates per ram) were collected using artificial vagina twice a week for a period of two months from two sexually active ram breeds; indigenous (n=3), and Muzaffarnagari crossbred (n=3), and evaluated for semen characteristics. Ejaculate volume, color, mass activity, and sperm concentration were evaluated for fresh semen while motility, viability, morphologically normal sperm, intact membrane, intact acrosome values were evaluated in both fresh (370C) and glycerol equilibrated (50C, pre-freeze) stage. Sperm concentration was found significantly (p<0.05) higher in Muzaffarnagari crossbred rams. Sperm motility, viability, morphologically normal, intact membrane, and intact acrosome values have not differed significantly (p>0.05) at the fresh stage but varied significantly (p<0.05) at pre-freezing stage. Therefore, it can be predicted that the selected breeding rams are of good quality freezer for frozen semen production.

Keywords : Indigenous Muzaffarnagari Pre-freezing Semen Evaluation

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