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Analysis of Animal Welfare Practices Adopted by Gaushalas (Cow-Shelters) in Karnataka State

Kalyan Mandi S. Subash Subrata Koloi Rohit Kumar Narendra Pratap Singh

Gaushalas play a vital role in safeguarding the cattle wealth of our country. It is primarily occupied with providing shelter to cows and caters mostly the needs of non-lactating, weak, unproductive and stray cattle. In Karnataka State, out of total 80 gaushalas registered, 22 gaushalas are recognized under Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI). The present study was conducted in 40 gaushalas selected randomly out of 80 registered gaushalas. The forty selected gaushalas were categorized as small (12), medium (18) and large sized (10) gaushalas based on the herd size. The growing concern for animal welfare in the present context has put lot of emphasis worldwide. With this view, present study was undertaken with the objective of understanding the level of adoption of animal welfare practices by the gaushalas. The results of the present study clearly indicated that 60.00 percent of the large sized gaushalas belonged to high adopter categories, 56.00 percent of the medium sized gaushalas belonged to medium adopter categories and half (50.00%) of the small sized gaushalas belonged to low adopter categories in terms of adoption of overall animal welfare practices. However, it was also observed that paucity of funds, inadequate financial aid from governments, inadequate fodder availability, inadequate access to technical services, poor infrastructure facilities and poor management were found to be the perceived constraints in adoption of animal welfare practices in gaushalas.

Keywords : Adoption Cattle Gaushalas Practices Welfare

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