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Availability, Approachability and Extent of Use of Breeding Services Delivered by State Department of Animal Husbandry (SDAH) in Murrah Breeding Tract of Haryana

Rekha Yadav Hema Tripathi Parveen Kumar Nukala Ramesh

Present study was conducted following ex-post facto and exploratory research design with objective to explore the effectiveness in term of availability, approachability and extent of use of breeding services by interviewing 240 buffalo owners personally, selected with the help of twelve (12) GVH from two districts in Haryana. The availability and extent of use of different type of breeding services was measured on three point continuum viz. Always, Sometimes and Never and approachability by asking directly to the respondents under Yes or No category. Study revealed that availability, approachability and extent of use of artificial insemination service were the maximum as compared to pregnancy diagnosis and treatment services. Among all the breeding services extension services were the least available, approached, and used by the buffalo owners.

Keywords : Availability Approachability Breeding Services Extent of use and State Department of Animal Husbandry (SDAH)

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