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Clinico-Pathological Studies of Marek’s Disease in Chickens

Supriya Das Debiprasanna Das Susen kumar Panda Sneha Sagarika Basanti Jena
Vol 8(1), 207-217

The present study was aimed to investigate/ study the pathology of Marek’s disease in chickens by correlating various clinico-pathological changes such as clinical signs, gross pathology, cytological and histopathological examinations. The haematological analysis revealed highly significant increase in the TLC in Marek’s disease affected birds as compared to normal birds. Affected chickens showed inactivity, anorexia, paralysis (lameness), blindness and skin nodular lesions. Necropsy examination of suspected dead birds revealed variable sized multiple grey to yellow tumour like nodular lesions on visceral organs such as liver, spleen, lungs, heart, kidney, ovaries etc. Unilateral or bilateral enlargement of nerves particularly sciatic & brachial nerves with loss of cross striations and glistening appearance and cutaneous form characterized by nodular lesions at the base of feather follicles were observed in few cases. Cytological study revealed lymphocytes with thin rim of cytoplasm and vesicular nucleus having a fine network of chromatin and marked pleomorphism with increased cellularity suggesting Marek’s disease. Histopathologically, there was infiltration of pleomorphic i.e., small, medium and large lymphocytes & lymphoblasts in tumourous lesions of various organs. It can be concluded that clinical signs along with gross, cytological and histopathological studies of tumourous lesions of suspected cases can be considered as reliable and inexpensive aids for routine diagnosis of Marek’s disease in chickens in field conditions which will facilitate for further advanced diagnostic techniques for identification and characterization of the virus.

Keywords : Marek’s Disease Cytology Histopathology Lymphoid Tumours

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