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Ultrasonographic Diagnosis and Management of Hydroallantois in Buffaloes

Y. V. Pridhvidhar Reddy Bhavanam Sudhakara Reddy R. V. Sivakumar
Vol 8(1), 202-206

Hydroallantois condition was diagnosed in four buffaloes with the history of chronic bloat. Four buffaloes were presented to the clinic with the history of severe abdominal enlargement, bloat, dyspnoea and abdominal pain. Clinical examination of the buffaloes revealed sunken eye balls, dry muzzle, anxiety and laboured respiration. Rectal examination revealed tensed uterus and fetus was not palpable. Low voltage QRS complex amplitude and arrhythmia were noticed while electrocardiography. Ultrasonographic examination revealed the presence of the large volume of fluid with enlarged and reduced numbers of cotyledons. Based on the history, clinical examination and ultrasonographic findings cases were diagnosed as hydroallantois. All the buffaloes were medically terminated and it had the uneventful recovery in three buffaloes and one buffalo was collapsed after three days of therapy.

Keywords : Buffalo Electrocardiography Hydroallantois Ultrasonography Termination

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