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A Study of Histochemical Distribution in Full Term Placental Cotyledon of Gir Cows and Jaffrabadi Buffaloes

Ramesh J. Padodara Tapan R. Kumbhani Vinay A. Kalaria Vivek Singh Harish H. Savsani Vijay M. Mehta
Vol 11(2), 93-97

The present study was conducted to compare the histochemical distribution in the fetal placenta of Gir cows and Jaffrabadi buffaloes. It has shown that there is a great variation in weight, cotyledon numbers, and diameter of the cotyledon of the placenta in Gir cow and Jaffrabadi buffalo. Acid mucopolysaccharides, neutral polysaccharides, and sudanophilic staining reveal that the distribution of carbohydrate and lipid in cotyledons are similar in Gir and Jaffrabadi animals but the difference was observed between small and large size cotyledon in both species. Alizarin Red staining shows that calcium is not present in a detectable amount in small and large cotyledons of both species.

Keywords : Cotyledon Gir Cow Histochemistry Jaffrabadi Buffalo Placenta

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