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Economic Contribution of Buffalo Farming in Livelihood of Buffalo Owners in Bharatpur District of Rajasthan

Narendra Singh Neeraj Kr. Sharma Devi Singh Rajput
Vol 11(12), 24-28

Present study was purposively conducted to document economic contribution of buffalo farming in livelihood of buffalo owners in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. Data were collected from 120 farmer selected which having minimum 2 buffalo through personal interview with the help of open-ended schedule. It was observed that family which had up-to five buffaloes in their herd spent Rs. 4058 annually for purchasing cloth. On the other hand, family which had above five buffaloes in their herd spent Rs. 6902 annually for purchasing cloth which was 70.08 per cent more than family which had up-to five buffaloes in their herd and got rank first. So, that buffalo farming have significant impact and contribution in livelihood of livestock owners.

Keywords : Buffalo Farming Farmer Income Livelihood

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