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Corn Germ Meal (CGM) – Potential Feed Ingredient for Livestock and Poultry in India- A Review

R. K. Sowjanya Lakshmi K. Naga Raja Kumari P. Ravi Kanth Reddy
Vol 7(8), 39-50

Sustained hike in prices of traditional feed ingredients like cereal grains, protein meals and other feed commodities is forcing the animal nutritionist to find less expensive and safe alternatives to feed the animals. Corn is the most common and major feed ingredient used for both livestock and poultry, but its demand for human food, biofuel and bioindustrial products is not only increasing its cost, but also the availability of its by-products. Corn germ meal (CGM) is a by-product from corn industry obtained after extraction of corn oil and has nutritional characters (with medium energy and protein) for inclusion in livestock and poultry feeds. Nutritional value of CGM is strongly influenced by method of oil extraction apart from the effect of type of corn used. The main limiting factors to use CGM at higher quantities in animal or poultry diets include its high fibre, oil and phytate contents. Many research works have been conducted on the level of inclusion of CGM in the diets of cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry and its effect on their production performances in many parts of the world where the CGM availability through corn processing industries is more. In the recent past, Indian corn industry has been gaining importance resulting in production of CGM at appreciable quantities. In this regard, a review has been under taken compiling the recent studies and findings on nutritive value of CGM and its level of inclusion in livestock and poultry diets.

Keywords : Corn Germ Meal (CGM) Corn Byproduct Crude Fiber Phytic Acid Production Performance

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