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Economics of Preparation of Mutton Patties Incorporated with Bioactive Rich Plant Materials

O. P. Malav B. D. Sharma R. R. Kumar S. Talukder S. R. Ahmed Irshad A.
Vol 8(9), 255-260

Functional mutton patties (FMP) were prepared from a standardized formulation and were incorporated with optimized level of Bioactive Rich Plant Materials (BRPM) viz. cabbage powder, red kidney beans powder, orange pulp and their blend. Optimization of levels of BRPM was done by sensory evaluation of treatment products and those having sensory status closer to control were selected. The cost of FMP after replacement of lean meat with selected level of BRPM and their blend were compared among themselves to determine the most economic preparation. It was found that FMP incorporated with BRPM were cheaper than control products and among the treatment FMP least cost was for orange pulp incorporated functional mutton patties. The studies indicated that incorporation of BRPM at their optimum level viz. cabbage powder, red kidney beans powder, orange pulp and their blend resulted in cost reduction of FMP by 24, 33, 37 and 33 per Kg respectively as compared to control.

Keywords : Bioactive Rich Plant Materials Blend Cost Economics Functional Mutton Patties

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