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Effect of Encapsulated Protease Enzyme on the Performance, Carcass, Serum Protein and Retention of Protein and Energy in Broilers

R. Purshotham Naik A. Rajashekher Reddy K. Kondal Reddy J. Jyothi
Vol 7(5), 220-227

Two hundred day old commercial broiler chicks were randomly distributed into 4 treatments with 10 replicates of 5 birds in each replicate, which were reared for a period of 6 weeks under uniform managemental conditions. Encapsulation of protease enzyme was done to prevent the stability of enzyme during pelleting of feed. A corn soya experimental diets were prepared for all the four treatments formulating four diets i.e Control diet, Basal diet (BD) (with 2% less CP compared to control diet), BD+ uncoated protease enzyme and BD+ coated protease enzyme. Blood samples were collected for serum protein estimation. Metabolic trial was conducted for the estimating retention of protein and energy. Supplementation of protease enzyme resulted in better FCR, as compared to control diet. Protease enzyme to low protein BD showed a significance (P<0.05) increase in total serum protein and protein retention when compared to control. Enzyme supplementation improved broiler performance through better FCR, better retention of protein. Coated enzyme showed marginal improvement over uncoated enzyme.

Keywords : Coating Serum Protein Retention Protease

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