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Effect of Feeding Area Specific Mineral Mixture on Haemato Biochemical, Serum Minerals and Ovarian Status of Reproductive Disordered Crossbred Cattle in Jatani Block of Odisha

J. K. Sahoo S.K. Das K. Sethy S.K. Mishra R.K. Swain P. C. Mishra
Vol 7(5), 98-104

To study the effect of area specific mineral mixture on the haemato biochemical, serum minerals and ovarian status of crossbred cattle, forty reproductive disordered animals were selected and divided into two groups having 20 animals each. Group I was kept as control (farmer practice) and Group II: Group I + mineral mixture (50 g/day/animal). Treatment was conducted for 60 days. Haemato - biochemical and mineral profile were assessed for the analysis of the reproductive status of the animals. Ovarian status and pregnancy detection of animals were regularly monitored. Among blood biochemical’s, only serum glucose and total protein level were increased significantly (P<0.05). All minerals concentration was found to be highest in mineral supplemented group compared to that of control. In the treated group the numbers of functional ovaries were effectively increased in heifers and repeat breeders as well as conception rate as compared to control group. So Supplementations of area specific mineral mixture enhanced the haemato biochemical, mineral and ovarian status in repeat breeding animals as well as eliminate the anestrous problem in crossbred animals.

Keywords : Infertility Crossbred Cattle Mineral Mixture Ovarian Condition Reproduction

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