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Effects of Cumulative Protein Intake on Growth Performance and Body Conformation Traits in Female Broiler Breeders under Intensive System of Rearing

Susanta Kumar Naik Nrusingha Charan Behura Lipismita Samal Prasanna Kumar Mishra Rajakishora Swain Gangadhar Naik
Vol 7(9), 226-236

The present study evaluated the effects of protein intake on growth, nutrient utilization efficiency and body conformation traits in broilers. Three-hundred sixty (360) day-old chicks were distributed into 3 groups and offered starter diets containing 18, 19 or 20% protein up to 5th week. From each group, 96 pullets with higher body weight (BW) were selected and divided into high body weight (HB) and low body weight (LB) groups. The pullets of each BW group were distributed in 6 replicates. Three of the replicates were allotted to grower diets with 10 or 14% CP from 6-20 weeks. Pre-breeder and breeder diets were offered during 21-23 weeks and 24-50 weeks, respectively. For all groups, target 20th week BW was 2200g. Feed intake, BW and feed conversion efficiency were recorded. Body conformation traits were measured at 5th and 20th weeks. In conclusion, birds fed starter diet with 19% CP and grower diet with 14% CP had better body conformation, growth and feed efficiency.

Keywords : Broilers Crude Protein Intake Feed Efficiency Growth Performance Keel Length Shank Length

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