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Estrus Induction and Fertility Response in Postpartum Anoestrus Marathwadi Buffaloes using Hormonal Protocol Along with Vitamin E and Selenium

A. S. Mujawar W. A. A. Razzaque S. S. Ramteke A. D. Patil S. S. Ali A. U. Bhikane M. A. Khan I. R. Mogal
Vol 9(3), 289-296

The present study was carried out to study the effectiveness of hormonal protocol along with vitamin E and selenium on estrus induction and fertility response in postpartum anoestrus Marathwadi buffaloes. A total of 16 postpartum anoestrus buffaloes were divided into two equal groups. Group I buffaloes treated with CIDR protocol along with injection of vitamin E and selenium at the dose rate of 1ml/50kg BWT, on day 0 and day 7, respectively. Group II buffaloes treated with Ovsynch protocol and were administered two subcutaneous injections of vitamin E and selenium at the dose rate of 1ml/50kg BWT, on day 0 and day 9, respectively. Estrus induction response was 100% in all treated animals. Time required for onset of estrus in Group I and II was 78.16±6.10 hrs and 66.62±5.23 hrs, respectively. Duration of estrus was 21.25±2.37 hrs and 20.16±4.22 hrs in Group I and II, respectively. The intensity of estrus was intense in 37.50% and 12.50%, intermediate in 50.00% and 75.00% and weak in 12.50% and 12.50% buffaloes in Group I and II, respectively. Most of the animals were having clean and thick cervico-vaginal mucus. The overall pregnancy rate was 87.50% and 75.00% in Group I and II, respectively.

Keywords : CIDR Ovsynch Postpartum Anoestrus Buffaloes Selenium Vitamin E

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